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Intermec ScanPlus 1800 CCD bar code reader, barcode.co.uk Shop | Category | Manufacturer


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Barcode solutions at BARCODE.CO.UK Tel: 0161 902 0980 FREE helpful advice
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Ready to use terminals - use our next day software service - 30 day trials

Barcode reading portable data capture terminals - Batch terminals - Wireless terminals - RFID

Compatible with all Windows software; Microsoft Office, Access, Excel, Word, Visual Basic, Paradox, Oracle, PowerBuilder, SAP, 4D (4th Dimension), Lotus Notes, Approach, Delphi, Visual C/C++, C++ Builder, Sun Java, etc. PeopleSoft, ERP/CRM, Navision, Agresso, Movex, MMS, Siebel, Vision Plus, BaaN, JD Edwards, ...

Powerful tiny computers - our software makes them even more powerful and reliable. Simply - the world's most reliable terminals - at the lowest prices. Helping you increase productivity.

Portable terminals

Batch (cradle download)

WiFi network (radio link)

Special terminals


Pen Wand

Vehicle PSC

Fixed position  

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Also the full product range from;

HHP Hand Help Products. barcode.co.uk

PSC. barcode.co.uk

You can rely on our valuable experience, of providing solutions for WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) and systems for  inventory / stock control, security, asset tracking, time recording, EPOS, weighing and counting, serial numbering, tracing, equipment servicing, etc.

Metrologic ScanPal2 portable laser bar code terminal, barcode.co.ukPortable/mobile terminal. Ready-to-go out of the box. Includes FREE software.

You can also  hire for exhibitions or annual stock taking. Call for hire details.

Radio versions available. CCD from £374. No reader £319 Laser from £519

Special Offer
Metrologic. barcode.co.uk  
Metrologic ScanPal2 Extended Laser Kit
Top seller
List £733

Need special software? We offer 30 day FREE trials on a whole package.

Symbol MC50 PocketPC Pocket Wireless 802.11b barcode.co.uk

Ready-to-go Wireless PocketPC
Scan barcodes in any application; Word, Excel, Browser, etc. Typing text or quantities is easy too. Save or open files instantly to or from your PC (or across the globe).
Use the web browser to create instant inter net transactions or browse your intranet for parts data. Send email and print to wireless printers.
Simple secure encrypted Wireless 802.11b LAN access.

Symbol. barcode.co.uk
Symbol MC50


Need special software? We offer 30 day FREE trials on a whole package.
Opticon PHL1700 portable laser bar code terminal, barcode.co.uk Portable/mobile terminal. 2MB memory, now includes cradle (everything you need). Supplied ready-to-go out of the box. 30 day FREE trials on software.

Special Offer - Bargain
Opticon. barcode.co.uk  
Opticon PHL1700

£682 Was £879
List £1,100

Need special software? We offer 30 day FREE trials on a whole package.
Datalogic Formula 7400 portable laser bar code terminal, barcode.co.ukTerminal with full A to Z key keyboard ideal for fast text entry.

Special Offer
Datalogic. barcode.co.uk  
Datalogic Formula 7400

Need special software? We offer 30 day FREE trials on a whole package.

We help companies integrate these devices in to their daily business processes; stock taking, stock control, order picking, despatch, vehicle loading, security, remote order taking, asset tracking (with asset labels), equipment servicing, etc.

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0161 902 0980
Ask about the cost of software for the terminal - often it's free. Ask about free 30 day trials

All of these devices typically have a built-in barcode scanner. Choose laser if you want to be able to read small barcodes, or barcodes in hard to reach places (because the laser beam allows you to read further away).

The keyboards on these devices are typically seldom used - most data is entered for you via the built-in barcode reader. The keyboard is used mostly to enter quantities and other numeric input.

Mobile phone style text entry is supported on all devices. 

Devices come with software that allows you to configure what data you want to capture (i.e. what the screen should say) for example ENTER PRODUCT CODE and 

All the terminals we supply are simple to use. The applications they can run are completely  flexible - they can be loaded with several applications via a menu. 

We typically provide these devices ready set-up for you to use on arrival.

Please call for details about data processing software to help you integrate devices in to your systems. Solutions are available for everything from stock control to full traceability.

We offer software development for all terminals. Your terminal can arrive ready to use. All you need to tell us is what you want the device to display on the screen and the length of the data that is to be scanned or entered.

If you are a programmer ask about software development tools. Even programmers usually prefer for use to take the strain - why reinvent the wheel when we have existing code we can provide.

Ask about our pilot project offer - 30 day FREE trial

BARCODE.CO.UK have been barcode hardware experts for several decades and have 30 years of worldwide barcode technology software development experience. BARCODE.CO.UK are authorised independent resellers for every type of barcode hardware from multiple manufacturers.