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Portable / mobile terminals in the form of a pen

Portable / mobile terminals in the form of a pen

What does 'Portable / mobile terminals in the form of a pen' mean?

Datalogic (PSC)

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What is it?

Portable / mobile terminals in the form of a pen

Portable / mobile terminals in the form of a pen

It's a PC you hold like a big fat pen. The barcode reader is called a 'pen' or 'wand' type reader because - to read a barcode you must move ('swipe' or 'wand') the reader over the barcode (as it you were crossing it out). They are very light and easy to hold. The Opticon model has a big and clear two line scrollable display.

This type of reader has no keyboard, usually just a couple of buttons (for Yes / No, or Up / Down type operations, like menu selection). Therefore is is designed for barcode only data capture. If you want to enter selections from a menu, then it is very quick to scan the choice off a pre-printed list of barcoded options (we can provide plastic sealed option sheets, or you can print them yourself).

Used whenever you need to read barcodes, or collect data and when a PC is too far away, or not available. Ideal for collecting data off forms, or other flat surfaces.

Ideal when there are many barcodes on a page - because you can very accurately pick the one you want to read.



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