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Intermec ScanPlus 1800 CCD bar code reader, barcode.co.uk Shop | Category | Manufacturer


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Barcode readers - 2m cable - PS/2 or USB interface - or cordless 30 to 50m - for use in; warehouse, factory, hospital, schools, storeroom

Barcode readers automatically work with any Windows software; Sage, Microsoft Office, Access, Excel, Word, Visual Basic, Paradox, Oracle, PowerBuilder, Lotus Notes, Approach, Delphi, Visual C/C++, C++ Builder, Java, Internet Explorer, etc.
Metrologic MS9535 BT Voyager laser bar code reader in use

Works up to 10m away.
Why lift heavy items to scan the bar code. 
No cable to get in the way.

Metrologic MS9535 BT Voyager laser bar code reader, barcode.co.uk

UNBELIEVABLE! Ultra-low price

Metrologic. barcode.co.uk
Metrologic MS-9535 Bluetooth Voyager
Bluetooth laser barcode scanner

List £770
PS/2 or USB £298 barcode cordless wirless radio mobile rf

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TEL: 0161 902 0980
Fax: 0161 945 8169
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CCD long range


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We stock interface cables for; PS/2, Windows PC, USB, Wyse terminals, IBM 360/370, DEC VT220, HP, Wang, Link, Qume, Digital, Tandem, VAX, VMS, Unisys, Bull, ICL, CICS, Data General (DG), Apple Macintosh, Memorex Telex, ADM, Televideo, TVI, QVT, Decision Data.

Intermec ScanPlus 1800 CCD bar code reader, barcode.co.uk

CCD barcode reader. Compatible with all software; Sage, Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, ...

Choose PS/2 or USB Keyboard interface.

Intermec. barcode.co.uk
Metrologic Scanplus 1800

Metrologic MS5145 Eclipse laser code reader, barcode.co.uk

Laser barcode scanner. With CodeGate - allows aiming of laser before you press the button to accept the barcode you are pointing at. Ideal for laptops.

Special Offer

Metrologic. barcode.co.uk
Metrologic MS-5145 Eclipse

PS/2 or USB £125
List £ 262

Metrologic Voyager 9520 USB PS/2 laser barcode reader. barcode.co.uk

Laser barcode scanner. Reliable and rugged design. Reads at a distance. Use with or without included stand. Stand is ideal for desktop or counter top use. Means you don't need to pick it up all the time. Power supply  advisable for laptop users.

Special Offer

Metrologic. barcode.co.uk
Metrologic MS-9500 Voyager
or PS/2

Datalogic Gryphon M100 M200 cordless bar code reader, barcode.co.uk

Full cordless kit. Where mobility is a must 30m range. No cable to get in the way. The scanner is cordless, but the wireless base station connects to PS/2.

Super Saver

Datalogic. barcode.co.uk 

£432 barcode cordless wirless radio mobile rf
List £ 692

The most reliable readers - from leading  manufacturers - at the lowest prices

Choose USB interface (e.g. Metrologic Eclipse) for any PC or laptop with USB. Laser is best, as they read small and bigger barcodes, near and far. Whatever software you use - without a barcode reader you are missing out - plug one in and increase your everyday accuracy, speed and efficiency (day in, day out, for the next 10 years). Barcode readers don't replace people, they make them more productive and happier :)

Symbol. barcode.co.uk PSC. barcode.co.uk Unitech. barcode.co.uk HHP Hand Held Products. barcode.co.uk Panasonic. barcode.co.uk

What's the most popular type of reader, and why? One with a PS/2 or USB keyboard interface, because it's compatible with your existing software. USB is best.

For most applications a laser type reader is better than a CCD type. Lasers read wide and small barcodes from a variety of ranges. 

TIP: The cost difference is small. You will be using this for many years - so the easier to handle laser is worth it.

PS/2 interface? Scanner plugs between PC and keyboard. No drivers needed, and no software changes needed - start reading barcodes today. USB is better.

USB interface? Scanner plugs in to any free USB port. No drivers needed, and no software changes needed - start reading barcodes today. USB is the best choice - if you have a USB port :)

For a PC with a USB port, buy a USB barcode reader. Why? Current PC's have USB and PS/2 ports, but PS/2 may not be on your next PC :(

How do readers work? Aim the scanner at a barcode (or press the trigger) - it beeps and types in the barcode number- it even presses ENTER for you (by default, but also configurable).

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Cordless? They work as detailed in the previous paragraph, but are not constrained by a 2m cable. Like a cordless phone they operate up to 30m from the base unit. Many readers can work with one base unit.

Some cordless models have a display and buttons, to allow you to receive messages from a PC and respond. TIP: For operations like this, it is often better to buy a wireless terminal. These are typically used for order picking, goods in, despatch and other traceability applications (e.g. EU 178).

BARCODE.CO.UK have been barcode hardware experts for several decades and have 30 years of worldwide barcode technology software development experience. BARCODE.CO.UK are authorised independent resellers for every type of barcode hardware from multiple manufacturers.