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Ask about Business Software Solutions for; Sage Accounting Software, Microsoft Accounting Professional, Microsoft Access, Oracle, Sovereign, Great Plains, MYOB, TAS Books, QuickBooks, SAP, Navision, CRM, ERP, WMS, CIM, ...

Stocktaking, mobile data capture, payroll, stock control, internet and e-mail order entry, asset tracking, serial number tracking, payroll, job costing and bespoke solutions, etc. We employ our own permanent analyst programmers (for over 20 years) and our software developers even write tools to help other solutions providers. Project management is handled by senior programmers.

Complete Sage Line 50 stock control and stock taking system - with Sage Stock Taking software + portable laser terminal £1,286 ... More details

Sage despatch to Initial City Link courier labels interface (CLAN 2000 + Load, or Label G users) for medium to large volume users £649 annual license including FREE updates - FREE integration - FREE modifications ... More details

Solutions can integrate and utilise; Visual Basic, VB.NET, SDO, C/C++, Java, SQL, MySQL, PHP, Apache, CGI, Perl, Crystal Reports, HTML, Macromedia Flash, Adobe PDF, RSS, etc. We free your proprietary format data for use (processing and reporting) by more modular and open tools.

BARCODE.CO.UK have been barcode hardware experts for several decades and have 30 years of worldwide barcode technology software development experience. BARCODE.CO.UK are authorised independent resellers for every type of barcode hardware from multiple manufacturers.