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Barcode / label printers - Tag printers - Ticket printers - The right tool for the job. A complete labelling system

Compatible with all Windows software; Microsoft Office, Access, Excel, Word, Visual Basic, Oracle, Paradox, PowerBuilder, SAP, 4D (4th Dimension), Lotus Notes, Approach, Delphi, Visual C/C++, C++ Builder, Sun Java, etc. Mobile printers can be driven from Windows CE and Palm operating systems. Ask about IBM AS/400 RPG, Unix and Linux drivers / integration.

TIP: Avoid a mistake - don't buy a small, limited use, thermal only printer (e.g. Dymo, Seikosha, Seiko, Costar, Brother, Kroy) from office stationers or computer shop - you will end up paying more than the cost of the printer in label costs for the expensive labels they use; which come in a poor range of sizes (no colours either) and because they are direct thermal will fade and discolour yellow after time.

The thermal printers we recommend, have a wide variety of uses, as well as printing paper labels and can print scratch resistant resin ink on a wide variety of materials; perforated tickets, continuous paper receipts, vinyl signs, plastic tags, shrink wrap cable markers, despatch documents, forms, etc. All up to 4" wide and almost as long as you like. The lowest cost labels are readily available in a huge range of sizes in blank white or blank coloured.

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Thermal transfer
(Print using a ribbon*)

Direct thermal
(Print without ribbon*)



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* Printing using a ribbon is cheaper because the cost of labels + ribbons is typically cheaper than labels that are printable without a ribbon. Ribbons produce better readable barcodes which are more durable (ribbons also prolong your printers life and did I mention they are cheaper).

Printers from; Zebra. barcode.co.uk Eltron. barcode.co.uk  TEC. Toshiba TEC. barcode.co.uk and others.

Plus printers compatible with mobile equipment from;

Symbol. barcode.co.uk PSC. barcode.co.uk  

HHP Hand Held Products. barcode.co.uk

Colour Ribbons now available! for many printers - why not print; colour coded labels, hazmat labels, colour logos, colour graphics, etc. Large number of Pantone spot colours available. Colours help you identify items very quickly.

Print 1 (one) label almost instantly - or 1,000's unattended. Low running cost with very cheap pre-cut labels on rolls and transfer ribbons. Or print labels, tickets, tags or receipts wherever you are - on the road, or up a tree

We manufacture hardwearing paper and plastic barcode labels for; Dexion racking, carousel, test tube, freezer, bin, trolley, aisle, shelf edge, tray, document, file, folder, address, advice note, GRN, serial number, asset, etc.

We also supply replacement or upgraded printers for users of; Eltron, Zebra, Intermec, Godex, TEC, Sato, Citizen, Cognitive, Datamax, Monarch, Avery Dennison, Argox, Autronics, Birch, Brady, Bradyprinter, Cab, Century, Comtec, Datasouth, Don Print, Fastmark, Paxar, Etisys, Epson, Panex, Astech, C.Itoh, Ithica, Imaje, IBM, Pitney Bowes, Printronix, Panex, Meto, Novexx, Okabe, QuickLabel, Ring, Valentin, VIPColor, System Wave, Samsung, Tharo, Thermopatch, ThermoTex, TSC, Taiwanese Semiconductor, Automated Packaging Systems, ThermoTex, Tyco, Unimark, Wedderburn, etc.

Labelling applications include; product labels, shipping labels, linerless labels, box labels, receiving labels, inventory labels, sortation labels, compliance labels, product identification, WIP (Work In Process), shelf labels, shelf-edge tags, swing tickets, food labels, video cassette labels, event tickets, general tags, address labels, library book labels, jewellery labels, patient record labels, test tube labels, electronic circuit board labels, small labels (10 mm or less), MITL labels, AIAG labels, ODETTE labels, pallet labels, chemical drum labels, baggage tags, bin labels,  pallet labels, business cards, promotional labels, large character signs, vinyl signs, etc.

Intermec Easycoder C4 thermal label printer. barcode.co.uk priceEasyCoder C4 thermal label printer. Print pre-cut labels up to 4" wide - like printers costing £2,000

Print durable moisture proof sticky paper labels (or print scratch resistant plastic labels, card tags, tickets, receipts even). Peel ability speeds labelling. Print 1 unique label in 1 second, or print a strip of 1,000 pre-cut labels in minutes and hand them around.

Colour Ribbons now available! to print colour coded labels, hazmat labels, colour logos, colour graphics. Pantone spot colours. Colours help you identify items very quickly.

Colour labels now also available (e.g. bright yellow background, bright orange, pale blue - suitable for barcode). Bright colour labels help you sort and pick.

Optional cutter allows computerised guillotining of cardboard tags / strips to any length - ideal for shelf-edge price labelling.

Special Offer - New Low Price!

Intermec EasyCoder C4
Top seller
List £400

For C4: Labels | Black Ribbon | Colour Ribbon

As well as printing text and graphics all label printers we supply will print all these barcodes and others (so you can't go wrong). Printed to industry standard Grade A quality and durably - even directly from; Microsoft Access, Word, Sage, etc.

Example TUC (Trading Unit Codes) barcodes and Consumer Codes include; Code 128, EAN-13, SSCC-18, EAN-128, ITF-14, Code 128, ISSN, ISBN and EAN-8. Others include; GTIN, SCC-14, UPC-A, UPC-E, UCC-128, Code 39 (3 of 9), Codabar, Trioptic, MSI code, Code 93, Plessey, Code 11, Interleaved 2-of-5 (or just 2 of 5), ISBN-10, ISBN-13, RSS-14, Composite, etc.

2D and matrix types like; PDF417, QR Code, Codablock, Maxicode, Datamatrix, Posicode, Code One, RM4SCC, Postnet - all require a special reader and special consideration when choosing a printer. Ask us for details. The cost of reading 2D has fallen considerably in recent years.

We stock the full range of Zebra media; PolyChem, PolyTrans, Z-Trans, Z-Destruct, PolyPro, Z-Ultimate, Trans Tag, Z-Xtreme, Ultra Tuff Tag, Blood Bag, etc.

Zebra QL320 QL 320 thermal label printer. barcode.co.uk priceQL 320 mobile printing solutions. Print labels, tickets, tags or receipts wherever you are.

This direct thermal mobile printer has rugged, rubberized over-molding for minimum weight.

Lithium Ion battery. Wireless lan (802.11b) and Bluetooth options.

Introductory Offer
Zebra. barcode.co.uk
Zebra QL320

Zebra Z4M Plus with ZebraLinkThe rugged Zebra Z4M is a real workhorse label printer. Super fast 10" per second printing.

Reliable continous faster printing. Takes larger, more economical rolls of labels and ribbons. Save time with less frequent roll changes.

Allows future expansion; internal rewind, cutter, flash memory, etc. Connect directly to your network - get alerted when labels or ribbons need changing.

Special Offer - New Low Price!
Zebra. barcode.co.uk
Zebra Z4M Plus

List £1,149

Your laser printer cannot print one label at a time - label printers can print just one label - or  1,000's of labels, cheaply and efficiently. They can even present each label already peeled - ready for you to; pick and stick, pick and stick (as fast as you like).

Your inkjet printer just might be able to print one label at a time, but; not cheaply, not easily, not quickly, not with reliable barcodes and not moisture proof.

All label printers use rolls of pre-cut labels on continuous backing paper (see picture below, in labels section). The gaps between each label allows the printer to sense exactly where each new label starts. 

Some complex label sets (and tickets or tags) have a black  marks to tell the printer where to start.

Most thermal label printers allow you to use either rolls of (a) special paper labels that go black with heat, or (b) ordinary plain paper labels that the printer melts black wax ink on to (or black resin ink, or a wax / resin mix).

Ink is on 100-300m long ribbons (like the ribbons in many plain paper fax machines). Every 1cm of label that feeds out of the printer, uses 1cm of ribbon.

DT means Direct Thermal - the labels that go black with heat.

TT means Thermal Transfer - the plain paper labels that need wax or resin melted on to them to form the image. Surprisingly, it is cheaper to use plain paper labels and a ribbon, than special DT labels. Using a ribbon also gives more durable and clearer images.

Linerless labels are available that reduce waste and allow more labels per roll - your printer must be setup to handle linerless. 

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Ask about a suitable printer for your job and ask about labels and ribbons

TIP: You can print plastic and metalised labels using a ribbon.

We supply all consumables; labels, ribbons, tickets, tags, ...

Useful accessories include; cutters, label rewind units, peel units, etc. Ask for details.

Most printers can feed any kind of continuous 4" wide media through the back (e.g. fan-fold labels, vinyl tape, etc.).

Complete range for large and small users. Parallel, serial and network interfaces. Also portable and IrDA interface label, ticket and tag printers.

BARCODE.CO.UK have been barcode hardware experts for several decades and have 30 years of worldwide barcode technology software development experience. BARCODE.CO.UK are authorised independent resellers for every type of barcode hardware from multiple manufacturers.