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Barcode verifiers

It's a good idea to buy a verifier before your important customer tells you your barcodes are not acceptable :)

Simply a must for quality
control - at the lowest prices


Barcode verifiers 

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People typically buy a verifier after something has gone wrong - obviously you should buy it now (after asking us if you actually need one).

A verifier is never a bad purchase at any time (like putting on a seatbelt is always a good idea). We sell many barcode verifiers - but our honest advice policy often leads us to advise some people why they don't need a verifier.

A verifier tells you something is wrong - not exactly how to fix it.

Often, simply paying for our expert advice, can; (a) save you money (b) fix the problem (not just tell you that you  have a problem) (c) educate your people how they can all be barcode quality minded (before any problems occur).

Most major goof-ups with barcode printing are due to poor education. It is better to educate the person producing the barcodes, than only to arm a QC/QA person with an expensive goof-up detector.

Metrologic ScanPal2 portable laser bar code terminal, barcode.co.uk


PANEX UCC/EAN-128 Barcode Data Verifier (others available)
Special Offer £686
List £933 ... Portable laser version, other cheaper versions available.

If you simply need a barcode data verifier - the PANEX UCC/EAN-128 Data Verifier is our most popular. For example, it can tell you immediately if your UCC/EAN-128 AI's (Application Identifiers) are correct for each customer / client or  shipping location.

BONUS: Because this data verifier runs on a portable terminal - you get a FREE! portable terminal worth £733 thrown in with the deal.

NOTE: A data verifier is not the same as a barcode quality verifier (like the PSC/HHP QuickCheck). A data verifier tells you (a) the barcode has been printed using the correct type of barcode (i.e. the correct symbology) and (b) the data contained in the barcode is correct.

A barcode quality verifier tells you more information about readability (i.e. quality) of the barcode symbol you are testing.

PSC. barcode.co.uk HHP Hand Help Products. barcode.co.uk

PSC / HHP / Barcode Verifier. barcode.co.ukPSC / HHP
QC600 / QC800

Special Offer £1,100

QuickCheck standalone barcode verifiers. Go anywhere and test the quality of printed barcode symbols.

Models available from £550. Ask for advice.

PSC. barcode.co.uk

Axicon PC6000

PC or notebook required. Professional models available from £760. Ask for advice.

Special Offer £885
List £ 1150

Verifiers do not simply check if barcodes read (a barcode reader for £150 could do that).

Verifiers measure barcode symbol quality - so you are assured every barcode reader can read the barcodes you have produced.

Manufacturers that produce packaging with a barcode on it, must comply with their customer's quality standards (usually ANSI / ISO / CEN industry standards).

If you are producing labels using label printers, you should consider a printer with an built-in verifier - that checks every label.

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Tell us what industry you are in - we'll tell you the verifier for you

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