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Panex Portable Data Verifier & Portable Data Capture Unit

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Panex. Barcode verifiers / barcode checkers / ANSI and ISO grades. Panex Portable Data Verifier & Portable Data Capture Unit. Lowest price at barcode.co.uk

UCC/EAN-128 Barcode Data Verifier

If you simply need a barcode data verifier - the PANEX UCC/EAN-128 Data Verifier is our most popular. For example, it can tell you immediately if your UCC/EAN-128 AI's (Application Identifiers) are correct for each customer / client or  shipping location.

Contains special software developed by BARCODE.CO.UK to check data for regular expressions / wildcards (e.g. 8273??? will accept 8273000 but reject 9273000).

Check SSCC-18, Code 128, Code 39 or any type of barcode for the correct private data formatting - using special format lookup and pattern matching.

NOTE: A data verifier is not the same as a barcode quality verifier (like the PSC/HHP QuickCheck). A data verifier tells you (a) the barcode has been printed using the correct type of barcode (i.e. the correct symbology) and (b) the data contained in the barcode is correct.

A barcode quality verifier tells you more information about readability (i.e. quality) of the barcode symbol you are testing.

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Product: Panex Portable Data Verifier & Portable Data Capture Unit
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Panex portable data verifier & portable data capture unit. Includes software to data verify and symbology verify


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