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Axicon 12000 2D barcode verifier (datamatrix, etc.)

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PDF Axicon 12000 2D barcode verifier (datamatrix, etc.)

Axicon. Barcode verifiers / barcode checkers / ANSI and ISO grades. Axicon 12000 2D barcode verifier (datamatrix, etc.). Lowest price at barcode.co.uk

The Axicon 12000 2D barcode verifier is designed to give consistently highly accurate results when verifying DataMatrix and other 2D barcodes. All barcodes are verified to the latest ISO, GS1 and Pharmaceutical standards.

The Axicon 12000 also provides a solution for a wide range of application standards including Turkish Ministry of Health & CIP.

Designed for all 2D barcodes where an aperture size of 3mil or more is required (up to the scan area available - details overleaf). Aperture size can be set manually or by specifying a required Application Standard.


  • ISO/ANSI/GS1 Verification Standards
  • GS1, CIP & Turkish Pharma Data Content Checking
  • Variable Aperture
  • Features included to meet the requirements of 21CFR Part 11
  • Automatic Recalibration Reminder
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Axicon 12800 2D DPM Verifier for Direct Part Marking




Axicon 12700 Wide Throat 2D Barcode Verifier ( 70 x 51 mm scan area)




Axicon 12600 2D Barcode Verifier ( 51 x 38 mm scan area)




Axicon 12500 Wide Throat 2D Barcode Verifier ( 37 x 25 mm scan area)




Axicon 12000 2D Barcode Verifier ( 25 x 18 mm scan area)


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