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Over 20 years experience in barcode hardware combined with 30 years in IT, specialising in barcode related systems (e.g. stock control, order picking, etc.). We can offer barcode hardware to complete integrated software solutions.

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EAN-13 single barcode number - no annual fee (official global unique bar code; UK, France, China, USA, Poland, ...) - Amazon, Tesco, Sainsbury's, B&Q, Aldi, M&S, Morrison, ASDA, Boots, Waitrose, Walmart, Next, Gap,
Our IT customers include single person start-up and micro businesses to £5 Billion size organisations;
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in over 45+ countries worldwide.

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BARCODE.CO.UK have been barcode hardware experts for several decades and have 30 years of worldwide barcode technology software development experience. BARCODE.CO.UK are authorised independent resellers for every type of barcode hardware from multiple manufacturers.