DPD Customer Despatch System (CDS) BARCODE.CO.UK additions and integrated solutions for; Sage Line 50 / Sage 50 Accounts

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A solution that works now and in the future (week in week out, year in year out) - works with any Sage version that you move to - works even if your business procedures change. In a nutshell, we offer continuity - FREE upgrades + FREE changes / software enhancements + UNLIMITED support with extended hours (8AM-6PM, Mon-Sat).

BARCODE.CO.UK Sage 50 Accounts / Line 50 Addition DPD despatch for DPD courier software users - Call 0161 902 0980 for free advice

For users of DPD software and Sage 50 Accounts. Now your staff can be less stressed and much more efficient at despatch time. Save typing in names and addresses that are already in Sage, increase accuracy. Spend more time package more order and shipping more.

Any number of options can automate everything that is important; accurate addresses, accurate insurance values, accurate goods descriptions, etc.

Q: How does it work?

A: Create an Invoice or Sales Order any way you like.

Scan the barcode on a Sales Order / Advice Note / Picking List / Invoice and the customer's name and addresses are instantly sent to the DPD system - along with all vital shipping information.

We offer further integrate of our solutions which can take account of online shopping systems.

You have complete flexibility to choose any DPD service level, or other options in DPD software, like insurance, weight, etc. - these can be logically automated in a myriad of ways.

Print your labels as normal on your existing printer or ask us about new printers. This applications can be integrated in to Sage so you can start it with one click. Options are available to suit your working practices.

Automatically create DPD despatch labels with the correct address from Sage using the same DPD software you are familiar with.

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