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BARCODE.CO.UK Tel: 0161 902 0980

BARCODE.CO.UK additions and integrated solutions for; Sage Line 50 / Sage 50 Accounts

A solution that works now and in the future (week in week out, year in year out) - works with any Sage version that you move to - works even if your business procedures change. In a nutshell, we offer continuity - FREE upgrades + FREE changes / software enhancements + UNLIMITED support with extended hours (8AM-6PM, Mon-Sat).

You can launch solutions with one click from Sage.

If you find a key feature is missing - we email you a free update.


BARCODE.CO.UK are software and hardware experts - so you can benefit from our ability to control the critical hardware your business will rely on;

Stock control (i.e. inventory control) management is what Sage can do - if you can use Sage efficiently - that's simply what our packages allow you to do. They make it possible for you to accurately and quickly tell Sage what's come in, what has been taken out, what's gone out, what's been damaged, returned, totally written off, stolen, put in the wrong location, etc.

We automatically take information out of Sage and process it in any number of ways. For example, with a click of a button (literally) we take all the items from a Purchase Order and send it to a portable bar code reader. We take that information and update it using current transactions. For example, you scan all of the items on a delivery using the portable reader and it tells you instantly something is missing (is it further back on the van - can the driver call his boss immediately and get someone else on the way with it). Within minutes (or instantly with wireless versions), click another button and you've told Sage the whole story; exactly what you've received. Click another button and the correct quantity of labels can be printed for items that need product labels; for the items actually delivery. Now the delivery is finished, the same portable bar code reader can be used to make sure items are stored in the correct location. When that's done the it can be used to pick orders; or any number of other tasks.