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BARCODE.CO.UK Tel: 0161 902 0980

BARCODE.CO.UK additions and integrated solutions for; Sage Line 50 / Sage 50 Accounts

A solution that works now and in the future (week in week out, year in year out) - works with any Sage version that you move to - works even if your business procedures change. In a nutshell, we offer continuity - FREE upgrades + FREE changes / software enhancements + UNLIMITED support with extended hours (8AM-6PM, Mon-Sat).

 Sage integration from BARCODE.CO.UK?

You can launch most BARCODE.CO.UK applications with one click, directly from where you are working in Sage. After you finish with the BARCODE.CO.UK application the correct Sage dialog box can be displayed (or a more logical dialog box), so you can carry right on working where you left off (or with the next job to do).