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Software Development

BARCODE.CO.UK has two major core competencies;


We supply software from £349 per year (low risk) to one person businesses.

Reliable software delivered quickly and cheaply. Typically software that pays back more than the cost.

Note: Some big companies pay us £50,000+ for software - some have £5 Billion turnovers. Our software is used in 40+ countries for critical daily jobs.

Our software is also flexible (features can be added quickly, or settings configured). We make our software so that it is easily maintained (changes can be made quickly for FREE).

Our developers have 25 years experience of reliable software development.

You benefit from the speed that pre-existing solutions can offer, and from the project know-how that speeds up any completely new development.

As well as strong programming skills, our developers keep up-to-date with the latest frameworks, SDK's, etc. - so that they can be exploited if suitable (or left well alone).

The speed of development means lower cost for you.

Barcode technology

Our software systems do all the normal things - like; storing data, displaying information, processing business transactions, etc. - they are also efficient and flexible when dealing with barcode technology (reading and printing barcodes) - from decades of practical experience.

For example, some systems may happily print a label of a certain design on the day it is installed - but our experience allows us to offer system that allow designs to change in minutes (not days or weeks) - flexibility. Later you can also add features that you didn't even know you needed when you bought the software - maybe because your customer's needed something different.

Even if a few years later you change the label printer model, or the portable barcode reader - there's no drama - you don't suddenly find nothing works; or even if it is a total shift of technology - you don't have to scrap the whole system (maybe replace a small component). You are able to cancel, or replace, or switch between any or all of our system at any time - as easy as getting a different pay-as-you-go phone.

Some things can seem trivial to some of our potential customers - we know how big a label needs to be to actually fit barcode information given different barcode symbologies you likely need to print on them. It might seem a simple task - but we get many new customers coming to us for labels, using other systems with labels that simply don't fit their stock codes - this can waste them days.

We know the pitfalls and the cost of mistakes - like printing barcodes nobody can read (even £million nuclear power plants have done this - and banks).

We recently printed labels for;

but more commonly we provide solutions to allow people in business to reliably produce their own labels - cheaply and efficiently.

For example, a person in a small company of just 4 employees, had to start printing 100,000 labels on the same day the printer and software arrived - they had never seen a thermal barcode label printer before. This was done without a visit from ourselves (which would have only added a tiny delay but they had no time to wait for any appointment). Luckily (a) they didn't need a visit, due to the fact we were instantly in communication with them the morning the printer arrived to setup the printer which they would have to be capable of going themselves very quickly so hands on training was and is always best (b) they learnt 'as they printed' so called when the first ribbon needed changing, etc. Although thankfully few of our customers put us under that kind of pressure, it does demonstrate our flexibility.



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