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Systems consultancy

We don't necessarily have to provide the software, hardware or anything - except our knowledge based on experience.

Software consultancy

Using the right software technologies - short term and medium term goals, reliability, speed, cost.

Barcode technology consultancy

This can cover an immense number of things. From a standard project perspective - length of service life, spares considerations, environment, battery life, ...

Barcode quality consultancy

End to end barcode quality - including quality assurance.

Inventory control consultancy

Warehouse management systems.

Project consultancy

Involves all the other consultancy services.



The services we have provided have ranged from projects costing just a few £1,000 to ones costing £Millions.

We're not affraid to use the word 'costing' - because the benefits of the systems we provide (and the 'proven' savings they are still delivering to clients) are often sometimes huge.

If you pay us, we can work out the benefits for you - but this is best done yourself. If you think you cannot work out the benefits, then no one else can.

We have told several enquirers with proposed systems, that it would cost more money than it would save, or it will take years to pay back, or they simply don't have the right people to follow through such a project or to operate such a system. Often ideas for improvement can be implemented when plans are cut down, or timescales stretched to reality.

Please call for specific advice - our advice is free.

Because our clients are diverse, your requirements are likely to be unique - which does not mean they necessarily cost vast amounts more.

Before we can offer you considered advice, your requirements must first be ascertained. Then we can offer you the type of impartial, practical (and free) expert advice you have been looking for.

If you are of the opinion - advice is worth as much as you pay for it - please approach another consultant company and compare their fifty page report (costing £50,000) with our proposals (you will still be up on the deal because you will have saved £50,000 by not having to pay us the same).

All of these services require your input, and often input from other people in your organisation.

Initially please call Gary McEvoy, who will take your contact details - then, if you prefer, he will call you back - he will then take down the other details about what problem you are trying to solve, etc.

Alternatively email: help at barcode.co.uk and include all of your information. We will reply by email, so that you have a record to refer to.

Usually you will receive a reply the same day, we will report back to you with the information you need and recommendations.



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