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JIT refundable information packs and support

JIT-BARS for Gerber Edge

JIT-COPY for DTP / General

JIT-DB for Databases / General

JIT-DOC for Microsoft Word 97 and 2000

JIT-DPR for Delphi (all 32-bit versions)

JIT-FM for Claris FileMaker PRO 5.X

JIT-FOX for Visual FoxPro


JIT-LAP for Lotus Approach

JIT-MDB for Microsoft Access 97 and 2000

JIT-MSO for Microsoft Office 97 and 2000

JIT-NAV for Navision

JIT-NOT for Lotus Notes

JIT-ORA for Oracle

JIT-PDF417-VB for Microsoft Visual Basic 4, 5, 6, ...

JIT-POW for PowerBuilder

JIT-PX for Borland / Inprise / Corel Paradox


JIT-SBP for Superbase

JIT-UFL for Seagate Crystal Reports

JIT-VB for Microsoft Visual Basic 4, 5, 6, ...

JIT-VC for Microsoft Visual C++ 32-bit

JIT-VIS for Microsoft Visio

JIT-WEB for Intranet / Internet

JIT-XLS for Microsoft Excel 97 and 2000



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