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We provide impartial advice as we have no sales targets from manufacturers. All products are top brands, so we can typically offer the cheapest item that will do the job properly - and all of the required accessories.

UK Sales / Advice:
Tel: 0161 902 0980
Fax: 0161 945 8169

Example: If you need a big label printer, we offer it. If your needs are modest, then we recommend the cheapest printer that we know does the job. Our biggest selling label printers are often £500 cheaper than the printers people have been quoted elsewhere.

General enquiries: 0161 902 0980


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We don't employ 'sales people' - we employ knowledgeable technical people, who can help you achieve what you want - and can offer you a massive range from; Zebra, Datalogic, Intermec, Epson, Star, Citizen, Samsung, Toshiba TEC, Datamax, Printronix, ... We pass exams ( that sensible manufacturers use) to validate our credentials. In fact, our years of knowledge and practical experience go even beyond that.

Ask for our advice, if you are unsure exactly what you need. We are software developers too - with practical knowledge of how equipment and software systems are best used in industry and business.

We never over specify - that's why we annoy people by asking how many labels they think they might print in a year (not so we can sell you labels, it's so we can offer you the right printer). Nor do we under specify, which would be just as bad - although if you ever get under specified - buying another low cost printer, to double your output, is better than having one big printer.

Operating two smaller printers has many advantages - flexibility in media handling (one can have different size of labels loaded, be in a different area), less need for expensive ongoing service cover (one can be sent for repair; while the other is used), the two printheads you have will print better quality labels, or just faster labels.

We have one of the UK's largest ranges of hardware - every product from all leading manufacturers. Software is arguably the more important element to get right - and our software systems keep critical parts of people's businesses running day in, day out - year in, year out - and operating at their most efficient.

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