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Some add-on Apps can be trialed with your own mobile phone (e.g. iPhone) if you have WiFi, or on your PC. We offer mobile barcode equipment with built-in high performance barcode readers (like the one above) to suit all jobs and budgets; used via WiFi or in batch mode (i.e. without WiFi).
sage one accounts
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BARCODE.CO.UK are Sage Authorised Solutions Providers with many years of experience. For decades we have supplied Sage solutions for vital business tasks, typically involving the use of barcodes to; reduce errors, increase flexibility by de-skilling tasks, increase productivity by saving time, automate tedious tasks, minimise stress, ... and many other valuable additional benefits that follow on. For support / advice / answers to questions / suggestions, etc. please call. Tel: 0161 902 0980

Note: In general, any add-on App can either read from Sage One Accounts (e.g. read a list of items on an Invoice) or write (e.g. create an Invoice). For practical and safety reasons our trial add-on Apps will not write (i.e. will not create transactions) - so you can try all of our add-on Apps without any chance of affecting your data (i.e. you cannot accidentally create transactions). Instead, add-on Apps will just display a message about what would have been updated if you pay an annual subscription for the add-on App.

Most of our add-on Apps only need to read from your Sage One Accounts data (e.g. Order Picking just needs to read the items on an Invoice; so the trial of this add-on App is virtually identical to how it will work for real. Please remember that we do offer free add-on App modifications; if you would like the add-on App to work slightly differently).
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All add-on Apps are part of our single solution Scan Label Print, but each can be licensed individually at a reduced cost.
Company Name
* Company cannot be empty
Displayed in App - this Company Name reminds you which Sage One Accounts you are accessing. Apps can access different Sage One Accounts. This Company Name can be any name, not just a company name; not necessarily any name related to your Sage One Accounts login.
* Email cannot be empty
E-mail address - so we can send you a single account login link (to keep) that allows repeat access to trials and enables each trial to remember which Sage One Accounts you have allowed it to access.
* Password cannot be empty
Password. We will email you this to remind you.
Which add-on App to trial now.
What happens when I click OK? Scroll down for explanation
No 30 day limit, but trials are not for actual work (just to quickly demonstrate the idea to yourself or your staff). So, for example, Order Picking is limited to 2 items (i.e. you do not need to pick 100 items to understand how Order Picking works and how it can help you or your staff).

What happens when I click OK?

The first time you use any Sage One Accounts add-on App

  1. You go to the add-on App (i.e. this web page) and click OK
  2. You are redirected to Sage's own website, to allow you to login to your Sage One Accounts; as you would normally do (i.e. your Sage One Accounts login details are not required by any add-on App and are kept secure).
  3. The Sage website now asks you to allow or disallow the ability for the add-on App to access your Sage One Accounts data (i.e. the data belonging to the Sage One Accounts you just logged in to).
  4. The Sage website now redirects you to the add-on App (i.e. redirects back here).

Note: The first time you use an add-on App, Sage gives each add-on App a special key to access your Sage One Accounts data any time you use the add-on App; so any future use of an add-on App does not require you to login to the Sage website again (making the whole process much quicker).

Note: In Sage One Acccounts, use menu (Settings | Third Party Access) to disable or enable any add-on App at any time (i.e. when disabled the add-on App has no ability to access your Sage One Acccounts data).


Normal Sage One Accounts add-on App usage (i.e. after the first time)

  1. You go to the add-on App (i.e. this web page) and click OK. You are now using the add-on App.

Note: With the non-trial version of the add-on Apps, you would only be asked to select from a list of add-on Apps if you licensed more than one, otherwise you would simply bookmark the add-on App itself and go directly to it. Even when you license multiple add-on Apps it is possible to bookmark your favourite add-on App and bypass having to select the add-on App you want to use each time (i.e. different staff would have access directly to only the add-on App(s) they need).

Note: If you wanted to check the result of an add-on App (e.g. if the add-on App was Portable Order, which creates Invoices automatically) you would use a separate browser window to login to your familiar Sage One Accounts system, in the usual way - so now you can look at your Invoices via the Sage One Accounts standard screens.

General Note: in the full version (of all add-on Apps) typically you would use the barcode on products to identify them, rather than the item code (although that is an actual option for some people). To make the trial version simple (i.e. so people can see the general idea quickly) we use the item code so people do not need to setup lots of barcodes; just to see a trial (barcodes which many people may not even have yet). The full version can use barcodes - How? you might ask. Please call if you are interested, but the short answer is - there are many ways (i) by storing barcodes in the Notes field of each Product record in Sage One Accounts (ii) by reference to a separately uploaded Stock File (iii) in any way you require (we are flexible and offer free modifications to impliment how you want to work) (iv) in the Barcode field; if Sage ever add it to the Product record in Sage One Accounts.